I was born in San Jose California, my parents are Mexican but at the age of 1 year we moved back to Coatzacoalcos Veracruz where I lived until I was 17 years. I returned to the United States to fulfill my military obligation, I finished and studied industrial electrification then I got married and we decided for personal reasons to live in Los Cabos because it is a very safe place.

Taking advantage that I speak English I decided to work in tourism giving my 100% so that the tourism is satisfied and feel safe, one of the objectives of this company is to make you feel at home and that is what we transmit to all our customers and friends, Because we appreciate them as friends?… because we try to make them become our family and have the confidence to come back to us for the great experience we offer.

Story to tell: one time a client forgot his wife inside the airport, he checked the kids, the luggage but forgot his wife in the immigration line, until his kids said… and mom?…. hahahahahaha


Play football flag

Favorite Food

Mexican enchiladas

Favorite Place

Mexican enchiladas


Watching cartoons and animated movies


Seafood especially shrimps


Balandra beach, it's a beautiful and peaceful place